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Terms and Conditions


For the rights and interests of othr customers, please place the payment in 3 days. the order will be automatically canceled on the 4th day. ( subscribe and sign in in case to tracking orders)

when we received your payment, the status will be changed to “payment made”, the invoice will be sending to your email address in 12hrs. please note that after the order is made, customers can’t change the amount and size via our website. please contact us via Facebook fan page. 


❤for the credit card❤

►If there is a out of stock situation for the products, we are unable to refund via credit card because of the process of bank. we can only give you the same transaction amount to shopping on our online store. we apologize for the inconvenience.

►there is another 2.25% fee on subtotal for credit card.

►ex. subtotal NTD280(products NTD280 + shˇㄉipping NTD70) + 2.25%(credit card fee) NTD8, the total amount is going to be NTD315.


After the order is submitted, there will be a disposable account.

Please use ATM machine or Internet Bank to transfer the payment

❤ Convenient Store barcode (7-11/Family Mart/Hi-Life/Circle K)❤

For those customers who don’t have a bank account or credit card

Afer order is placed, download and print out the barcode.

Please note that the barcode is printed by a laser printer.

Please follow previous steps to complete the order. ★there is no cash on delivery 

the barcode is only valid for 7 days. 

❤Pay via automatic-machine in convenient store❤

After the order is completed, there will be a series of numbers. Please go to the covenant store (7-11/Family Mart/Circle-K/High-Life) and using the automatic machine to make the payment.


Delivery to location/Pick up in Family Mart ( please fill in the actual address for the family mart which you want to pick up)

Shipping is going to take 2-3 work days. if you choose pink up in Family Mart, there will be a reminding text to your mobile when the package arrives.

Please pick up the package in 3 days, or it’s going to be return to us. the fees for re-sending is on customers. 

If there is any further question for us, contact us via Facebook fan page message.